Tiered Basket Storage

Our selection of exciting new woven wicker baskets can easily be utilized for a lot of diverse purposes; their most common is for storage. Storage baskets, big and small, may also be used for many distinct things such as a convenient serving piece for parties, a handy caddy/tote, a magazine basket or as simple decoration. […]

Pinterest Living Room Decor

1 Of 112 Pin these ideas! Don’t forget to save these ways to decorate your living room. For more home decor inspiration, follow @countryliving on Pinterest. 2 Of 112 Bright FloralsThis Catskills home is bursting with color and beautiful florals from ceiling to floor. “You can sum up our aesthetic in three words,” said owner […]

Patio Furniture At Menards

Robert of Edina, MN on April 5, 2017Satisfaction RatingI am a wheelchair bound amputee. During the fall of 2016 I was in the 7701 Nicollet Ave, Richfield , MN 55423. They have flat belt escalators at that store. There are no signs posted that people in wheelchairs can not use their escalators. Some of the […]

Rectangle Kitchen Table And Chairs

Large, beautiful rectangle dining tables make any holiday get-together a memorable dining experience. Pick out matching chairs and a china cabinet in the same style and you’ll be able to seamlessly coordinate the entire room and have your guests marvel at its charm and elegance. Available in both contemporary and traditional styles and in various […]

Large Computer Desks

Your office desk is your home base. Through all the activities you have during the day, your desk is where you store your most important documents and tools and where you may get most of your work done. Our wide selection of computer desks, corner desks, executive desks and other styles offers plenty of options […]

Difference Between Living Room And Family Room

Family room vs. living room There have been so many questions as to when can you call a place in your house a living room or a family room. Sometimes people tend to use these rooms in the wrong manner or interchangeably. They may sound the same but they have so many differences. You can […]

Best Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms can pose an interesting challenge to lighting design. Like kitchens, bathrooms require practical and functional lighting solutions for a primarily task-oriented space. Grooming requires just the right amount of well-placed lighting. Too little and you won’t be able to see what you’re doing. Too much lighting, or poor placement can cause glare issues. However, […]

Garbage Bin Storage

Recyclables, garbage, newspapers, and other trash, this garbage can storage bin keeps it all neat and tidy. The garbage can enclosure is an great method to help keep all the animals out of your trash while keeping your garbage cans hidden. Note, This is not chew proof but resistant. If you need a chew proof […]

Artisan Kitchen Paducah Ky

Artisan Kitchen offers individual meals for lunch or dinner, ready to go casseroles, corporate box lunches, and full service special events catering.       We also offer a wide variety of house made cheesecakes, cakes, specialty desserts and Wedding cakes. Our catering services include comprehensive party planning and menu development. Our staff will be […]

Office Chair Yoga

Like most people, I spend lots of time sitting in front of a computer. How do you like my office? I don’t think I’ve ever taken pictures in it before! Our walls are green, the corners are full of surfboards and at the end of the room there is a huge, fluffy couch for puppy-snuggles. […]